“Like a British version of Charlotte d’Amboise, Tiffany Graves is a scintillating dancer and great trooper: a true star!” – Mark Shenton, The Stage, Sept 2017.


Tiffany has performed Cabaret at Crazy Coqs, St James Theatre, Lauderdale House, Bellamy’s, Morton’s, Annabel’s, Cafe de Paris, The Ritz and many other renowned venues.

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“Hilarious and fun.” – Mark Shenton, The Stage

“Best Musical Cabaret show of 2015”  Award nomination – MyTheatreMates

“Tiffany Graves: twice as good as Kristin Chenoweth!  With a near perfect set and hilarious anecdotes, Graves is a performer you cannot fail to warm to, with an effortlessly tuneful voice and wicked sense of comedy.” – This is Cabaret

“Graves has a powerhouse voice and is sassy for all the right reasons.” – So So Gay

“Graves is effortlessly engaging and witty, her enthusiasm is infectious.” – Bargain Theatre

“Cabaret singing doesn’t get better than this! Gorgeous singing along with a cabaret patter that was as revealing as it was confident and hilarious.” – Jonathan Baz

“West End star Tiffany Graves performed with all the grace, pizzazz and stunning vocals that we’ve come to expect. A brilliant chance to see one of the West End’s leading ladies in the prime of her career.” – West End Wilma

“Absolutely hit the jackpot!” – Cabaret in The House

5 stars


Tiffany has performed in Musicals, Plays and Concerts in London’s West End, at the National Theatre, Royal Albert Hall, Royal Festival Hall, on TV, at Grange Park, the Wales Millennium Centre, and on numerous national and international tours, as well as at many Special Gala Concerts such as West End Heroes, Night of 1000 Voices and NT:50. Her Chicago billboard is still up on Broadway!

5 stars


Tiffany played Velma Kelly and Roxie Hart in Chicago at London’s Cambridge Theatre and Adelphi Theatre on numerous occasions from 1999-2010

DAILY MAIL (5-STARS) – “Tiffany Graves is brilliant in the lead role of Velma Kelly, the homicidal vaudeville performer. I almost cried with laughter during Velma’s number ‘I Can’t Do It Alone’. Seeing Chicago reminded me of all the things I love about America. The humour, the style, the zest for life.”

THE TIMES (4-STARS) – “You’re much better off hot-footing it to the West End [rather than seeing the film] where the stage show continues at the Adelphi. Tiffany Graves’s long-legged, brassy bottle blonde of a Velma is nicely contrasted with Linzi Hateley’s Roxie. Graves and Hateley show there’s fun to be had when the lady is a vamp.”

Tiffany was playing Velma Kelly when the Oscar-winning 2002 Chicago film premiered in London (here she is on the red carpet with Richard Gere), and she also performed ‘All That Jazz’ on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing. 5 stars


Autumn 2015 saw her give a “showstopping” performance as Lois/Bianca in Kiss Me Kate with Opera North (UK tour)

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 12.31.53(The Guardian, 5-star review)


(Mail on Sunday, 5 star review)

THE GUARDIAN (5-STARS) – “Tiffany Graves’s Lois steals three reprises of Always True To You in My Fashion which still isn’t enough.”


THE STAGE (4-STARS) – “Tiffany Graves as Lois, whose second act solo Always True to You in My Fashion is a true showstopper.”

SUNDAY TIMES (4-STARS) – “Most irresistibly, Tiffany Graves plays a superbly droll ingénue who has hot and bothered colleagues blushingly adjusting their slacks.”

SUNDAY EXPRESS (4-STARS) – “The triumphant marriage of Shakespeare and Porter… is matched by the scintillating style of Tiffany Graves and Ashley Day.”

THE TELEGRAPH (4-STARS) – “As Bianca and Lucentio, Tiffany Graves and Ashley Day make delightful ingénues.”

THE PUBLIC REVIEWS (5-STARS) – “Tiffany Graves’ Lois Lane/Bianca, the eager, younger sister, a maid most-easily won, follows a more conventional courtship with Ashley Day’s Bill Calhoun/Lucentia. ‘Always True to You in My Fashion’, delivered as a suitably tongue-in-cheek paean to her fidelity and devotion for him, encapsulates nicely her attitude to their union.”

BACHTRACK (4-STARS) – “Tiffany Graves as Lois Lane/Bianca represents the musical theatre side as an archetypal ‘hoofer’, an adept dancer and a singer in a sporadically brash style which brings to mind Ethel Merman in old recordings. Her cartoonish reactions, infectious smile and agility make her a memorable Bianca, who at some points becomes a complete show-stealer, as in ‘Always True to You In My Fashion’, which is served up in delightful instalments.”

HUDDERSFIELD EXAMINER (5-STARS) – “Tiffany Graves is a constant delight as Lois (Bianca), aspiring Shakespearean with a corncrake voice, naive ingénue with a past (and, possibly, a present) and the perfect interpreter of Always True to You.”

THE ARTS DESK (5-STARS) – “His thunder is stolen by the brilliant Tiffany Graves as Lois/Bianca, the ‘Broadway hoofer’ whose inexperience adds to the fun of the onstage action.”

YORK PRESS (5-STARS) – “Tiffany Graves, just as good as last time in Leeds in scene-stealing glory in The Producers.”

YORKSHIRE POST (4-STARS) – “That left the door wide open for Tiffany Graves to steal the show as the sexy Lois Lane, dancing and singing her way through the show-stopping Why Can’t You Behave and Always True to You in My Fashion.”

THE OBSERVER (3-STARS) – “There are moments where it takes off: Tiffany Graves’s lankily predatory Bianca sings Always True to You in My Fashion with pizzazz.”

OVERTURES – “The night has to go to the two actors Tiffany Graves, who can belt out a number in true West End manner as demonstrated with her show stopping rendition of ‘Always True to You in My Fashion’, and Ashley Day.”


5 stars


Spring/Summer 2015 she played Ulla in The Producers, with Jason Manford, Ross Noble, Louis Spence, Phil Jupitus, Cory English and David Bedella (UK tour)

The Producers poster with names and blurb



(The Guardian, 4 stars)

THE SCOTSMAN (6-STARS) – “Oozing sex appeal, Tiffany Graves shines as the gloriously eccentric Ulla in an outstanding performance.”

THE TIMES (4-STARS) – “A terrific Tiffany Graves as the Swedish sexpot Ulla, who cartwheels, high-kicks and strips her way through the song ‘When You Got It, Flaunt It’. It’s crude, crass and glorious fun.”

DAILY MAIL (4-STARS) – “You don’t often find Olivier nomination-worthy performances in touring shows, but this [Cory English as Max Bialystock] may be one. Throw in a suitably statuesque Tiffany Graves as blonde Ulla the Svede (and yes, she is definitely a Svede rather than a Swede) and David Bedalla as riotously camp director Roger De Bris (in drag he has a touch of newsreader Moira Stewart) and this is a cracking version of a great satirical comedy.”

MAIL ON SUNDAY & THE LADY (4-STARS) – “At its best, this show really is a laugh a minute. Tiffany Graves’s knockout Ulla, Leo and Max’s blonde Swedish sex-bomb secretary, is hugely, er, gifted. ‘When you’ve got it, flaunt it,’ she sings, and Graves does so, superbly. Even sitting down, Leo and Max give her a standing ovation. Indeed, English’s tongue falls out, long and longingly, until he eventually has to fold it up to put it back.”

THE HERALD (4-STARS) – “This proves to be just the first piece of taboo-busting, however, in a magnificent parade of nymphomaniac old ladies, mincing theatre directors and leather-clad Nazi hotsie-totsies upstaged only by Tiffany Graves’ pneumatic Swedish starlet Ulla.”

ALL EDINBURGH THEATRE (4-STARS) – “And then there’s Tiffany Graves, whose light touch makes the super-sexy, fabulously flexible, almost innocent Ulla the object of both Max and Leo’s affections. A truly intelligent, instinctive performer, she’s one more perfect ingredient in a fabulously well-balanced cast.”

BOLTON NEWS – “Tiffany Graves is comical but also sizzles as sexy Swede Ulla as she proves she has most definitely got it — and flaunts it.”

BLACKPOOL GAZETTE (5-STARS) – “Standout hilarious performances included Tiffany Graves as Ulla the quirky blonde and Scandinavian (‘for breakfast many herrings’) object of Leo Bloom’s affections. Absolutely a hit, a musical triumph and a camp extravaganza.”

BRITISH THEATRE (4-STARS) – “Tiffany Graves is in sensational form as the 11am temptress, Ulla Unpronounceable Surname. She looks terrific from every angle, produces an impeccably cod Swedish accent that is unambiguously hilarious and sings and dances with gusto. It is marvellous to see one of the West End’s talented troupers shining in full star mode. She’s got it and she flaunts it.”





5 stars


Tiffany played Helene in Sweet Charity at the Menier Chocolate Factory in 2009 & was alternate Charity when it transferred to the Theatre Royal Haymarket 2010, with Tamzin Outhwaite, Josefina Gabrielle & Mark Umbers, choreographed by Stephen Mear and directed by Matthew White

THE GUARDIAN (4-STARS) – “Outhwaite is well supported by Mark Umbers as both the preening movie idol and the panic-stricken Oscar, and Matthew White’s strongly cast production boasts two striking cameos from Tiffany Graves and Josefina Gabrielle, wistfully dreaming of the glamour of the secretarial life.”

BRITISH THEATRE GUIDE – “While Tamzin Outhwaite is the undoubted star of the evening, Umbers shows ability as a screwball comedian as well as strong singer, while Josefina Gabrielle and Tiffany Graves prove a strong double act as Charity’s favourite working colleagues. These days, any full-scale musical that comes up from the Menier stable is almost guaranteed to be a West End hit with Broadway not too far behind. One hopes that Sweet Charity follows that road, as once again, what is fast becoming London’s top musical producing theatre is on top form.”

5 stars


The Summer of 2013 saw Tiffany playing ‘Witch’ Sukie Rougemont at the Watermill Theatre alongside Alex Bourne and Rosemary Ashe in a production directed by Craig Revel Horwood

The Witches of Eastwick 5 LtoR Poppy Tierney, Alex Bourne, Joanna Hickman, Tiffany Graves, Photo Philip Tull

BAZ REVIEWS (5-STARS) – “The three leading ladies are Tiffany Graves, Poppy Tierney and Joanna Hickman, all accomplished actresses who not only bring depth and nuance to each of the women they portray, but also excellence in their acting and vocal work. Sukie Rougemont’s (played by Graves) steamy act one number Words is a singer’s minefield, demanding fast and complex lyrics to be delivered whilst Sukie is being seduced and made love to. Graves nails it.”

THE GOOD REVIEW (4-STARS) – “It’s another of those Watermill casts packed with impossibly talented people who can sing, dance and seemingly turn their hand to any number of musical instruments. Oh, and act up a storm too. Joanna Hickman, Tiffany Graves and Poppy Tierney play the three “witches” of the title  – respectively repressed, tongue-tied and stroppy until they meet the charming, demonic Darryl Van Horne (Alex Bourne) and are transformed into sleek, vampish femmes fatales.”

MUSICAL THEATRE REVIEW – “Joanna Hickman as Jane Smart excels in the scene during which Van Horne seduces her through her love of music, Poppy Tierney is a revelation as Alexandra Spofford, and Tiffany Graves (Sukie Rougemont) is a perfect example of frustration personified. All three have amazing vocals and forcefully carry the show with the full support of a talented cast of actor/musicians.”

BRITISH THEATRE GUIDE – “Poppy Tierney is the feisty single mum and potter Alexandra. Joanna Hickman is the frustrated cello playing schoolteacher Jane and Tiffany Graves plays the embryonic newspaper reporter and poet Sukie. All three give dynamic performances that are a joy to watch.”

5 stars


In Spring 2013, Tiffany played Marlene Dietrich in Piaf at Leicester Curve, directed by Paul Kerryson


BAZ REVIEWS (5-STARS) – “Tiffany Graves’ Marlene sings ‘Falling in Love Again’ with a deliciously authentic sound.”

REVIEWS HUB (4-STARS) – “The ensemble is consistently strong throughout, with fine singing voices, Tiffany Graves’ Marlene Dietrich being a case in point.”

THE TELEGRAPH (4-STARS) – “You almost feel the need to copy the star’s car-crash battered example towards the end and beg for a shot of morphine just to recover from the whirligig ride.”

THE GAY UK (4-STARS)  – “The play itself is cunningly staged with a versatile and rapidly changing set and a small ensemble managing to pull off playing a vast array of characters.”

WHATS ON STAGE (4-STARS) – “The supporting cast of eight throng the tight space in a multitude of characters, rushing through the Piaf biography in an episodic, ramshackle race from childhood poverty to drug-dependent stardom. They may not have much to work with in a succession of short, snappy scenes, but they do it in fine style.”

DAILY MAIL (ZERO STARS from QUENTIN LETTS) – “In the rushed medley of biographical scenes, one pinstriped bloke becomes indistinguishable from another. There is a depressing lack of colour. Tiffany Graves just about survives as Marlene Dietrich. And the Piaf story, like her songs, retains potency. As we watched Piaf taking drugs, I kept thinking of poor Amy Winehouse. Otherwise, this gallumphing show is a croque, monsieur.” 😉

5 stars


In Spring 2017, Tiffany played Madeleine True in Michael John La Chiusa’s The Wild Party, the opening show of the renamed St James Theatre in London, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Other Palace, directed by Drew McOnie.


THE SUNDAY TIMES (4-STARS)– “Drew McOnie’s production keeps coming at you like a drunk on a mission. His choreography is the cat’s pyjamas – slutty hips, syncopated shoulders – and his cast tear into it, especially the effortlessly louche Tiffany Graves. Hot diggity.”

THE NEW YORK TIMES (4-STARS) – “You depart the auditorium impressed by the stamina of a cast headed by the ageless gamine Frances Ruffelle (a 1987 Tony winner for “Les Misérables”) as Queenie, yet slightly exhausted by the full-on meltdown chronicled by a show that in this version suggests “Follies” on amphetamines. The community of revelers on view — debauchees of varying ages, races and sexualities — are not the only ones who may find themselves in search of a restorative gin.”

THE STAGE (4-STARS) – “Sizzling and Sensational. The show is driven by ecstatic, elastic movement from director/choreographer Drew McOnie… A stunning cast of musical theatre veterans… The entire cast thrills and chills, with Tiffany Graves and Melanie Bright as a lesbian couple.”

THE INDEPENDENT (4-STARS) – “It’s the onslaught of high-definition dancing and its gob-smacking precision as the party gets ever more wayward – the crazy euphoria of the Charleston-ing, the jazz hands in mad spasm, the feral cavorting round the bathtub – that are the main reason for seeing the show.” (Tiffany served as Drew McOnie’s Dance Captain for the show)

LONDON EVENING STANDARD (4-STARS) – “Sassily directed by Drew McOnie, it’s packed with bold choreography.”

RADIO TIMES (4-STARS) – “As the gin and cocaine flow, resentments, petty jealousies and infidelities are revealed as proceedings become ever more wild and wayward. The parade of guests – including a stripper (Tiffany Graves), an ex-boxing champ, a gigolo, two song and dance brothers and a naïve out-of-town gal dreaming of stardom – all have their story to tell. Drew McConie has worked wonders… to make this an exuberant and breathless ride.”

THE ARTS DESK (4-STARS) – “There’s great support from Tiffany Graves as “almost famous” stripper Madelaine, lusting after elusive post-modernist Sally.”

DAILY MAIL – Quentin Letts again – see Piaf review above 😉

5 stars


London Musical Theatre Orchestra, Hackney Empire, September 2017

THE STAGE (Pick of the Week) – “A show-stopping turn from Tiffany Graves with Tap Your Troubles Away. One of our most treasurable and unstoppable dancer-singers.” – Mark Shenton, The Stage
MUSICAL THEATRE REVIEW (5-STARS) – “Graves hoofed around the stage expertly in the classic Tap Your Troubles Away with a string of dancers, managing to avoid taking out the front desks of violins by mere millimetres.”

5 stars


Ben Elton’s Rod Stewart musical, UK tour 2014

ALL EDINBURGH THEATRE (3-STARS) – “There is no shortage of female talent in this show, with Tiffany Graves being exceptionally sassy in her dual roles of Satan and Baby Jane. Playing the latter with a real Southern twang makes her sound very Dolly Parton and it is surprising how many of the songs have been re-imagined with a good ol’ country feel to them. She also delivers the funniest – and rudest – line of the night.”

THE SCOTSMAN (3-STARS) – “Strangely enough, it’s the gorgeous and sassy Tiffany Graves, playing both the She-Devil and ageing rock chick Baby Jane, who seems closest to embodying the on-stage spirit of Rod, particularly when she belts out This Old Heart Of Mine.”

5 stars


The Lowry & UK tour, with the Halle Orchestra, conducted by Sir Mark Elder, with Connie Fisher & Michael Xavier, 2012

Wonderful Town
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THE GUARDIAN (4-STARS) – “The show charms and delights in a way that is rare in today’s musicals: it is something to do with its mixture of apparent innocence and showbiz expertise, admirably exemplified by Braham Murray’s direction, Andrew Wright’s choreography and Simon Higlett’s design. You could argue that Connie Fisher is a touch too glamorous to convince as the inhibited Ruth, who did her thesis on Walt Whitman – but she sings and dances delightfully. Lucy van Gasse as her sociable sister, Michael Xavier as an admiring editor and Tiffany Graves as a sports scholar’s moll also impress. But, in the end, one comes back to the dizzying rapture of hearing the Halle play Bernstein: after the first 16 performances they’ll be replaced by a smaller band, so catch them while you can.” – Michael Billington

5 stars


Lyric Hammersmith, Christmas 2014


THE TELEGRAPH (4-STARS) – “Tiffany Graves – a seasoned West End performer with lungs to prove it – has a great time as the evil Queen with a Debbie Harry fixation (her toe-tapping opening number is set to Blondie’s One Way or Another). And there is much knowing fun for the grown-ups, too, with saucy double-entendres.”

THE TIMES (4-STARS) – “Tiffany Graves’s Queen Rat blasts out ‘I’m gonna getcha’, as in Blondie’s One Way or Another, while looking more like Chrissie Hynde crossed with Patsy from Ab Fab in a power-shouldered suit and stilettos. Writer Tom Wells simultaneously slips a political message into the script. Graves is leader of the greedy rats who are intent on moving into London houses and relegating ordinary folks to the sewers. As the city’s plummy mayor, she must also be defeated at the polls.”

5 stars


Tiffany played Killer Queen in We Will Rock You, Ben Elton’s Queen musical, on UK & European tour, 2011

Wordpress Image KQ and Brian MayWe Will Rock You Tour

5 stars


National Theatre, directed by Ed Hall, 2004

THE GUARDIAN (5-STARS) – “The courtesans, dominated by Tiffany Graves’s whip-cracking Gymnasia, come from some limitless beauty pool.” – Michael Billington

5 stars


National Theatre & BBC, directed by Sir Nicholas Hytner, 2014


Tiffany performed in Pravda with Ralph Fiennes, Jamie Parker & Charles Edwards, and also in The Mysteries, The Habit of Art, and Jerry Springer the Opera.

THE TELEGRAPH (5-STARS) – “The National Theatre is one of the very few institutions of British public life in which it is possible to take unqualified pride. How lucky we are.”

THE STAGE – “An astonishing achievement”

THE GUARDIAN – “One of the greatest crucibles of modern drama, the National Theatre, echoed to applause on Saturday night for one of its greatest performances as a who’s who of British acting took to the stage to celebrate its 50th anniversary. Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Helen Mirren, Derek Jacobi, Michael Gambon, Simon Russell Beale… the cast was a dream for any director. But the audience was also filled with titans of British theatre.”

THE GUARDIAN – Michael Billington – “Sitting in the Olivier, what we got was a brilliant kaleidoscopic entertainment that not only evoked the National’s past but also, through astute recasting, opened up possibilities for the future. It was an astonishing evening. But what TV audiences didn’t see was the warm-up from Nicholas Hytner when he calmly came before the house, welcomed the different segments of the audience, even including the critics (“Sometimes you’ve been right”) and told us we were all about to see “the best actors in the country and therefore in the world.”

5 stars

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