Mel Brooks: the Man, the Monster

Wonderful news to hear that Mel Brooks and Susan Stroman will be bringing a newly updated version of ‘Young Frankenstein’ to the UK later this year.


The show’s fantastic MD Andrew Hilton and his Assistant MD Leigh Thompson, with whom I did The Producers in 2015, are the bees knees (and I have of course done some fab cabaret shows recently, accompanied by Leigh on the keys).

And the inimitable Cory English, who was stunningly good as our Max Bialystock, regained us all whilst out on tour with hilarious tales of his time as Igor in Young Frankenstein over on Broadway.

In the year following the sad death of Gene Wilder, I can’t think of a more fitting tribute to him than for Young Frankenstein (“It’s Frankenschteeeeen!”) to be brought back to life.

Meeting Mel in 2015 whilst doing The Producers was one of the highlights of my career. At 90 he still had a remarkable energy, warmth and cheeky glint in his eye. Hurrah to BAFTA for giving him their Lifetime Achievement Fellowship Award.